CYL Phoenix Workshop Descriptions


Friday, November 2
9:00 am – 4:00 pm  Pre-Conference Workshops

This full day workshop with Lisa Williams will help you reach beyond into the afterlife to communicate with your loved ones.

Losing a loved one isn’t something that we can escape in life, and whether you are expecting their transition in life or not, nothing prepares you for the loss and the emptiness that follows.

It’s something that can devastate you, but knowing that they are safe and waiting for you in the afterlife can help you. But unlocking the secret code to communication with them is powerful in not life changing.

During this workshop you will discover how your loved ones communicate with you and what they are telling you to help you through life.

This day is filled with fun and laughter, some tears and stories, but most of all connection to those who are watching over us from the other side.

Join psychic medium, spiritual teacher and best-selling author, Sunny Dawn Johnston, as she presents her full-day workshopAngels, Intuition and the Afterlife.

YOU too can feel the presence of the Angels in YOUR life… and Sunny will teach you how to invoke the Angels and create your own personal relationship with them. They are with you always and are ready to communicate with you, if you will only ask and listen. You will have an experiential opportunity to feel the indescribable energy of unconditional love move thru you and connect you with the divine presence of the Archangels. Sunny will teach you how to invoke the power of the Archangels to help transform your heart from a state of fear to a realization of the love that always exists within. You will also learn:

  • Simple steps for grounding and connecting with the angels
  • Who the Archangels are, what their qualities are and how to connect with them to receive divine healing, love, forgiveness and support
  • How to expand and develop your intuition
  • What your greatest intuitive gifts are and how they will come through you
  • How to interpret the messages that your Angels and Loved Ones in spirit are sending you
  • Guided meditation techniques to open the communication between your physical world and the spirit world

Even as the death of a loved one seems so final, Sunny teaches about how the essence of that person – the love – still lives on and can be communicated directly to you. With the support of her soul musician, Kris Voelker, she will help you not only connect with your Angels and develop your intuitive gifts but she will teach you how to communicate with your loved ones in the Afterlife.

Having over thirty years of experience speaking to the Other Side, Sunny will teach you how to tap in to your own unique way of best understanding these messages. You will discover your strongest intuitive gift and learn how to develop it even more. You’ll gain the tools necessary to tune into the signs and signals from your angels, guides and loved ones that have passed on. These tools will allow you to gain a stronger connection and a better understanding of the support and loving guidance you receive from the “unseen” realm. You’ll also learn how to make the connection between the living and those who have passed, whether it be from natural causes, accidents or suicide. This will be an interactive, experiential workshop that will leave you with tools to connect with the afterlife yourself.

If you’re missing someone who has passed over or just curious about what messages you might receive from the angels and the other side, join Sunny for this in depth and fascinating workshop. You will leave having experienced the Afterlife.

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  Opening Keynote

Marianne’s keynotes are always timely, so often we don’t have a full description available until just before the conference takes place. If you’ve never seen her live before, prepare yourself for one of the most profoundly powerful experiences in the world of spiritual exploration and enlightenment.

With a career spanning over three decades, Marianne’s name is synonymous with A Course in Miracles, the source text and inspiration of many of her teachings. She’s the author of 12 books, including A Return to Love and most recently, Tears to Triumph, that have gone on to sell over 3 million copies all around the world.

She’s appeared in as a featured guest on a wide variety of nationally-televised programs including The Oprah Winfrey ShowSuper Soul SundayLarry King Live, and Good Morning America.

Saturday, November 3
9:00 am – 10:30 am Morning Keynote

Everyone wants to believe they have some measure of influence over the events that come their way in life. Now one welcomes a chaotic surprise, but they happen now more than ever. For all the external resources we can amass to make us think we are safe and protected from harm in this world, none are as powerful, reliable and truly effective as trusting our own guidance, knowing how to make a clear decision and follow through with it, and being able to confront the fears and illusions in our life.

During this presentation, we will apply the wisdom and teachings of four great mystics – Ignatius Loyola, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and Saint Benedict – all of whom developed their own methods of spiritual direction for their students precisely because they realized that external chaos in a person’s life generate immense inner turmoil and that every individual required guidance through the challenging passages in life. Every human being benefits, for example, from instructions on how to make clear decisions. A person must learn how to thread together the input from one’s mind, heart and soul in order to have “deep clarity.”  It is important to know the difference between quiet and silence, and which one actually nurtures our inner being. And how do we attain that inner state?  Knowledge of the soul has always required instruction. It does not come through books alone, if at all.

11:30 am – 1:30 pm Breakout Sessions

John Holland psychic-medium, author, and Spiritual Teacher will present a fascinating insight into the unique and rarely seen world of a psychic medium to illustrate how each and every one of us can have a connection with our loved ones who have passed. 

In his keynote workshop, John Holland will explain how his life-long abilities enable him to open the link with loved ones who have passed onto the other side, and who so often still influence our lives. He’ll explain the delicate and intricate mechanics of mediumship, how he’s able to effectively validate and authenticate the identity of spirit loved ones and how they how they’re able to communicate with the physical realm. 

If you are curious or want to pursue mediumship – then this is the workshop for you!  

John will explain: 

  • How the mechanics of your psychic abilities work and how they lay the foundation when moving onto mediumship. 
  • The difference between a clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant, and how you can tell whether you have some psychic abilities of your own?  
  • What spirit signs he looks for, but more importantly, how he interprets the signs and how spirit knows how to tap into his own psychic database.  
  • What makes an authentic medium and how to bring lightness of touch, compassion and legitimacy into every connection? 

This special keynote workshop will present the subject of mediumship in one of the most individual styles you will see. John is down to earth, open, humorous, and will explain how it works at every step of the way.  

* BONUS: John will end with a demonstration of his mediumship and show you how he uses his psychic soul senses to connect to the Other-Side and give messages to some of the participants. 

Conversations with God famously asked 20 years ago: Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything? Now Highly Evolved Beings are telling us: “Yes. And it can be reduced to three sentences.” We have all heard these sentences before. They are well known abstractions, and those humans who have opened their Mind to the Soul’s awareness have understood these truths completely and embraced them absolutely as part of their personal philosophy. Yet what most in our species have not done is apply this information in any meaningful, practical way in the living of their daily lives — and that is what has stopped so many of us from living the lives of which we have dreamed, and from moving forward more rapidly in our evolution. This program is focused on giving traction to abstraction, exploring and helping us to adopt 16 specific behaviors that mark the difference between Highly Evolved Beings and humans living in an unawakened state. It includes a striking personal invitation taken directly from the transcript of Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species. 

Do you want to know who you were in a past life? Have you wondered how your past lives are affecting your current life? Meet your Past Life Guide and regress back in time to experience (and heal) a past life that is influencing you today.

Learn how to explore your past lives in your dreams. Know if you are astral traveling. Learn how to use crystals and essential oils for deepening the dream state. Discover how to connect with loved ones who have passed on, and angels and guides while in your dream state.

Denise Linn, the best-selling author of 19 books including Past Life, Present Miracles and the Hidden Power of Dreams, has researched healing traditions from cultures around the world for more than 48 years. As a renowned lecturer, author, and visionary, she regularly gives seminars around the world.

“It’s been said that the ability to skillfully work with paradox is the definition of spiritual maturity.  Yet when it comes to finding ourselves held in the tight grip of discomfort,” Beckwith teaches,  “we want nothing more than to wiggle back into to the comfort zone of our habitual mindsets.  But does this really serve our aspiration to heal, transform, and become a spiritual grownup?”

In this class you will discover that discomfort is an invitation into the ultimate comfort of inner freedom as you learn to:

  • Meet and greet discomfort as a healing spiritual messenger
  • Learn to skillfully work with the energy of discomfort
  • Offer compassion to yourself as you move through discomfort
  • Be grateful for becoming aware of how discomfort triggers you
  • Free yourself into your True Self by finding comfort in discomfort

Beyond your intuition lies a link to your Highest Self directly connected to the greater consciousness of Source. This part of you defies logic, reason and the human perception of time and space.  

Using tools such as oracle cards once you’re in a state of deep receptivity can guide you beyond the mundane and into the magical and miraculous. You can use them to effectively co-create your most powerful reality and align with your greatest good. You will learn to see beyond the confines of time and space to unveil the hidden threads of destiny that await your discovery. Be in awe and have fun too. Oracle cards are portals to another dimension of awareness waiting to be revealed!  

In this workshop you will learn:- 

  • How to receive information from your inner Oracle 
  • The most powerful and effective ways to approach oracle cards  
  • Why self reflection is crucial to divine your destiny 
  • Why reversed cards are protection and important guidance  
  • How your state of mind influences your ability for accurate discernment 
  • How to work directly with an oracle deck.  
  • How to work with multiple decks at the same time.   

This workshop is for beginners, sophisticates and professional readers too. Bring your own deck or 2, (preferably one of Colette’s) and prepare to have a new relationship to the cards! 

Colette is a divination expert having created numerous oracle decks and published in 27 countries. Each oracle card deck is based on a combination of various ancient systems that form a living language to communicate with Source about your destiny.  

Her latest deck is Wisdom of the Oracle- the most comprehensive oracle system she has created to date.  

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Breakout Sessions

New discoveries ranging from human evolution and genetics to the new science of neuro-cardiology (the bridge between the brain and the heart) have overturned 150 years of thinking when it comes to the way we think of ourselves, our origin, and our potential. The science is clear—within each of us lies an extraordinary potential far beyond what was believed possible in the past. It’s this undisputable fact that leads to an even deeper mystery: How do we awaken that potential in our everyday lives? Join five-time New York Times bestselling author and 2017 Temple Award nominee Gregg Braden on this multi-sensory journey to discover why you’re Human By Design. 

What would it mean to discover that we’re more than the end product of random evolution—that we’re designed to live extraordinary lives that include self-healing, extended lifespans and a deep communion with our bodies and all life? Is it possible that such advanced states of consciousness, achieved by monks, shamans, yogis and mystics, and considered rare in the past, are actually meant to be a normal part of everyday life? In Human by Design, five-time New York Times best-selling author and 2017 Templeton Award nominee Gregg Braden describes why we no longer need to ask these questions as “What if?”  

New discoveries ranging from human evolution and genetics to the new science of neuro-cardiology (the bridge between the brain and the heart) have overturned 150 years of thinking when it comes to the way we think of ourselves, our origin, and our potential. The science is clear—within each of us lies an extraordinary potential far beyond what was believed possible in the past. It’s this undisputable fact that leads to an even deeper mystery: How do we awaken that potential in our everyday lives?  

Join Gregg on this multi-sensory journey to: 

  • Discover the evidence that overturns+ 150 years of mainstream thinking when it comes to human origins, and the role of evolution in our lives.   
  • Witness the discoveries that catapult us beyond the conventional thinking when it comes to our origin, capabilities, and potential! 
  • Learn the time-tested and easy-to-use techniques to: 
  • access deep states of intuition 
  • create deep states of emotional and physical healing 
  • discover the mystery and meaning of hidden, yet powerful, states of super consciousness 

We owe it to ourselves to embrace the scientific evidence, the story it tells, and the healing that it can bring to our lives. For the first time in the history of science, we’re writing a new human story that gives us a new answer to the timeless question that lies at the core of our existence: Who we are? When new discoveries prove that the existing human story is no longer based in fact, it’s time to change the story. This simple truth is at the heart of Human by Design.  

Have you spent years struggling to accept and embrace your body?
Are you challenged to find harmony between your head and your heart when it comes to thoughts about your body?
Is it that you just can’t seem to let go of the unhealthy habits, disease or negative beliefs you have been carrying around?
Are you tired of all the yo-yo thoughts that get you nowhere?

If you are resonating with any of these questions, then this is the workshop you are looking for! It’s time to love the skin you’re in! It’s time to let Sunny Dawn Johnston help you step into your grace and your beauty and your fantastic body!!

You see, what you might not know, or you do – but haven’t fully embraced – is that your body is your Best Friend … you just need to understand the language. How often does the onset of that head cold signal too much going on at once? Or the back pain flares up when you don’t feel supported in life … the shoulder ache when life feels like a burden … or stomach issues when we can’t digest what’s happening around us? When we learn to recognize the importance of our body in helping us to tune into the feelings that are creating these physical manifestations, then we will have finally discovered the key to creating the healthy, whole and happy self we are looking for!

Sunny Dawn Johnston and Soul Musician Kris Voelker will guide you to a place of learning to love the skin you are in and teach you how to embrace your whole being. In this workshop, Sunny will focus on your physical body and how to get it healthy and in alignment with your mind and Spirit. Sunny will guide you through her own personal experience of learning to love, accept and appreciate herself and her body. Sunny struggled with being overweight when she was younger and this led to low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. Her body reflected this belief by carrying a lot of extra weight and this belief evolved into a negative body image. In this personal and insightful workshop, Sunny will share the steps she took to end her self-sabotaging negative self-talk and pain.

This workshop will address:

  • Self-esteem vs. self-worth
  • Physical issues and the emotional or mental cause behind them
  • Tools to help you heal the emotional issues and release the physical manifestation
  • Unconditional love – what is it and how do I experience more of it
  • How to use affirmations and visualizations to change your thoughts and experiences
  • How to release the pain and allow your divine birthright of JOY to flow through you
  • Vibrational Eating, Living and Healing!

If you are ready to heal those body issues, give up the fight and truly be your body’s BFF, then come and join Sunny and Kris for an enlightening and experiential workshop. What have you got to lose?

If you haven’t heard Anita speak before, you’re in for a treat! She is a natural born speaker and was thrust into the global speaking circuit by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who discovered her story.

Over the years, Anita’s work has continued to evolve and grow, and at this event, she plans to unveil some of her newest work. She has a knack for expressing mystical knowledge in a simple, down-to-earth and practical manner, making it comprehensible to everyone.

In this workshop, she will delve deeper into the mysteries of life, and will lead participants on a journey to help uncover the roots of their own issues, whether health related or otherwise. Her work has helped countless people across the globe to attain healing and wellness. She will also illuminate some of the mysteries behind transformational experiences and healing, making these concepts easier to understand and more accessible for you, so that you can continue to stay in that space long after you have left the seminar.

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the following:

  • You will expand your beliefs on what your body is capable of achieving, and many of you will see and feel healing taking place;
  • You will learn what it means to live as a six-sensory being;
  • You will learn what it means to truly love yourself, and become the highest ideal of your authentic self;
  • You will learn why transformation is so elusive for so many, or why the change can be short lived for those who attain it;
  • You will learn that sensitivity and empathy are strengths (not weaknesses), and will learn how to use these traits in a way that serves you, instead of limiting you;
  • You will learn how to communicate with your body and identify what your ailments or illnesses are trying to tell you;
  • You will learn the mysteries of healing, how to heal yourself, and what holds you back from true healing;
  • You will learn what drains you, and how to recharge your energy;

This promises to be a popular seminar, so please reserve your seats now!

Over the last decade or so The Law of Attraction has received a tremendous amount of attention. But is there a deeper, more powerful secret that not only attracts “goods” into your life, but also “goodness”? A 3500 year old code that was hidden from humanity has now been rediscovered, and it unlocks the power within the Soul which is based more on what I can “give” rather than what I can “get”. James Twyman’s NY Times bestselling book The Moses Code introduced this to the world ten years ago, but since then incredible discoveries have been made that allow an even deeper experience of your Soul’s Power.

In this workshop James will help you unlock the door that leads to your own I AM Consciousness, and in doing to, awaken the power of your Soul.

Explore the difference in a wellness approach to health and issues compared to how most of us receive our healthcare.

Let Dr Jeff Donahue, DC, L Ac and his 28 plus years in the alternative health world guide you in your understanding and practice of health from the perspective of wellness versus illness.

  • Learn and explore the principles of balance, energy and efficiency that guide this approach.
  • Recognize if you experience imbalances in the physical, metabolic and emotional dimensions of your life, and how these impact your health status.
  • Apply basic strategies towards achieving balance in your life to bring your best health.

Please wear loose fitting clothes to allow for gentle movements.

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Dinner and The 3 Mediums!

Join 3 of the world’s top spiritual mediums for a mystical evening where messages from Spirit will be revealed.

John, Colette and Lisa will demonstrate their amazing ability to communicate with the spirit world.  Each medium will take time to do audience readings and discuss their journey in spirit world communication.

Sunday, November 4
9:00 am – 10:30 pm Morning Keynote
Featuring a PANEL DISCUSSION with Your Favorite Speakers
Sunny Dawn Johnston
Gregg Braden
Neale Donald Walsch
Jimmy Twyman
Denise Linn
Anita Moorjani
James Redfield

11:30 am – 1:30 pm Breakout Sessions

Come and join international Psychic Medium Lisa Williams as she helps you tap into your life and purpose and the after life.

This two hour workshop is designed for you to unravel the knowledge that you already have held within you and to realize that you can intuit your life and follow your purpose.

You will discover how your loved ones guide you in your daily life, and what they are trying to tell you when they share the signs and symbols with you.

This is a dynamic and fun class for everyone!

Life is often seen as a struggle – as a hard fought battle to be won. It is easy to forget that when you know your Self, when you realize your Divine nature, life unfolds in its perfection. Struggle is transformed into a flow of expansion and evolution naturally.

To enter this new state of flow and momentum and to gain realization of your authentic Self is a process of Divine alignment. This requires up-leveling your vibrational frequency to align with that of the Divine. It is a process of immersing yourself in Divine energy and living from that expanded vibrational state. This is what happens when we come together and become saturated with the highest Divine vibration. This is grace.

In your time with Panache you will:

  • Understand what creates separation, struggle and suffering
  • Delve into solutions that will reveal your Divine nature
  • Experience the creativity, flow and momentum of Divine alignment

Join Panache at Celebrate Your life and move from separation into Oneness and know your Divinity.

Energy Medicine is the future of healing and your time is now. Through an East meets West approach to the energy of well-being, Dr. Sue Morter brings together cutting-edge Quantum Science, Energy Medicine and Heart-Based Consciousness with a fun and inspiring invitation to shift how we perceive reality and our ability to heal our bodies and our lives. Learn how to embody and live from your Soulful Self through Divine Resonance Healing Breathwork and powerful techniques to retrain the sub-conscious nervous system to enhance the natural flow of energy at the body’s healing core. Become again, the powerful creator that you are as we reunite science and spirituality for a greater truth and our best life experience possible!

There’s a reason why we turn away from our shadow. It’s uncomfortable. It’s confusing. It’s mysterious, strange and at times downright frightening. It seems like it speaks a totally different language and trying to have a conversation with it often feels like an exercise in frustration.

What if we took the mystery out of how to communicate with our shadow and went on an adventure exploring the beauty, wisdom, humor and power of your shadow instead?

The phrase “Light for the Shadow” originates from my work as a photographer. It means to add light in reverence of the shadow so that light and shadow meet and blend in a beautiful transition. That space is truly where the magic lies, not only in art, but in your life as well.

Shadow is literally the stuff that gives shape to form. Without your shadow, you are flat, one-dimensional and un-relatable. And cultivating a meaningful relationship with your shadow is perhaps the most important key in manifesting lasting and meaningful change in your life.

in this class you will learn powerful techniques to better see and understand the dance between light and shadow in your life through the different lenses of:

Visual – There is no form without shadow
Story – There is no relate-ability, community or connection without shadow
Energy – You cannot move past the blocks in your life without your shadow
Somatic – You cannot steer the ship of your life consistently in the direction you want without your shadow
Intellectual – You cannot be the person you were meant to be in this life without the shadow
Spiritual – You cannot heal nor be healed to your greatest potential without your shadow

You will walk away from this workshop with simple and profound techniques to continue building and evolving your relationship with your new best friend…your shadow!

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Closing Keynote
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

Dr. Joe Dispenza has traveled the world teaching people the science of change. He’s chronicled his student’s progress through rigorous scientific testing including brain scans, blood tests, and heart monitoring. In this keynote lecture, Dr. Dispenza will present his findings which show people healing themselves from chronic illness, having interdimensional experiences, and interacting in other realms.

The world is changing. This is a time in history where it’s not enough to know, this is a time in history to know how. In this lecture you’ll learn the fundamentals behind what it takes do the uncommon, to become supernatural, and create the life you want.

Monday, November 5
9:00 am – 4:00 pm  Post-Conference Workshops

This transformational and energetic workshop, Magic Of The Soul  • Inside Wisdom for an Outside World has been designed to help you lead a more authentic life that aligns with your aspirations.

If you’ve ever felt overcome with feelings of being trapped, constrained, or unfulfilled or you often ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” or “How can I lead a more soul-filled intuitive life?” then this workshop will show you how to tap in to one of the most powerful and magical forces in the Universe—your soul!

In this all-day workshop, John will guide you step by step to develop a conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that shape your life and help you reconnect with your individual soul force.

The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Understand the purpose of your soul and open yourself to a guiding higher consciousness.
  • Dismantle the barriers created by your outer-self, so you can unveil your true inner-self.
  • How to develop and use your psychic soul senses and do readings for yourself as well as others
  • Use spiritual energy to heal yourself and others, so you can control your own path.
  • Enhance your body, mind, and soul to live a life of harmony.
  • Experience a special and powerful meditation (Soul Entrainment ®) that John was certified in, that enables him to take you safely to a level where you can communicate with your soul to receive the answers and healing that you have been searching for.

This workshop is more than just a guide … it’s a way back to living from the inside out. It will help you (no matter what your walk of life) follow your own spiritual journey.

We all need to trust and know that we never really go through this life alone. We are souls, and as such, will always have the Divine in our corner. Our soul is what keeps us connected to the one Divine Source. The soul can assist you with a deeper understanding of life and the human connection to a higher power. Follow the inner wisdom of your soul and you’ll be on your way to a better understanding of who you are and more important…who you can become!

* BONUS: John will end the weekend with a demonstration of his mediumship and show you how he uses his psychic soul senses to connect to the Other-Side and give messages to some of the participants.

Did you know that there is a powerful correlation between your present day challenges and your past lives?  Like mowed dandelions that keep popping back, unless you get to the root of a problem, it will keep coming back. It is only when you go to the source, which dwells in a past life, that you can clear a challenge forever.

Prosperity struggles in your present life might mean misuse of finances in a past life (or having taken vows of poverty). Being overweight in your present life might mean having starved to death in a past incarnation. In this workshop, you’ll experience deep healing and rejuvenation by regressing back into your past lives and releasing deeply rooted blockages at their source. When you clear your past lives, miracles abound!  In this deeply empowering, experiential seminar:

  • experience (and heal) the past lives most influencing you today
  • learn lifetimes that you have shared with loved ones
  • release karma that you received from your parents and ancestral family
  • meet your master guide
  • discover your soul agreements
  • activate talents and abilities that you once possessed in a past lives.

In a safe and comforting environment, people have gotten remarkable results from Denise’s regressions, even if they didn’t believe in past lives!

Bonus: Space Clearing–You’ll also be gifted with a very special space clearing tool that has been energized and blessed personally by Denise (the author of three books about the space clearing) You’ll also learn how to do super-charged auric and chakra clearing for yourself, friends and family

(Please drink extra water before you arrive and place anything with a magnetic strip—i.e. credit cards, hotel keys—further than 6 inches away from your body during this workshop.  The energy generated during the processes often erases the magnetic strip if it’s near the body.)

Denise Linn, the author of Past Lives/Present Miracles teaches professional certification courses in past life regression in four continents, and she is only one of a handful of people in the world that periodically successfully regresses three thousand people at a time.

The Energy Codes:  Ignite Your Power to Retrain the Mind to Serve the Authentic, Soulful Self and Establish Essential Energy Flow for Healing and Transformation


In 30 years of healing work in private practice Dr Sue codified what patients did naturally to heal.  With that information, and coupled with a life changing experience in deep meditation nearly twenty years ago, Dr. Sue masterfully weaves together the worlds of Quantum Science and ancient spiritual wisdom in this awe inspiring workshop filled with how-to application for not only changing your life but changing the entire reality that you see and engage in.  Dr. Sue demonstrates the two systems that run your body and teaches you to move them into alignment and resonance for healing and manifesting results that last. She will teach what is called The Quantum Flip for changing your perspective on what is possible for humanity as she speaks into our multi-dimensionality and our power as true creators.  In this East meets West healing full-day workshop she teaches heart based healing breath work, and retrains the body to enhance the natural flow of energy at its healing core by building new neuro-circuitry and electromagnetic communication in the body.  The brain is intended to listen to the heart and soul (the real you) and steward them through life.  Learn about and activate an entirely different language and form of guidance – that of the essential Soulful Self – that has been lost to humanity for centuries and bring consciousness and empowerment back to every level of life. Humanity is destined to awaken to this greater truth of who we are and the power that we contain. Thousands are now using these techniques around the world and having transformative life experiences every day, making it possible now.  It can work for you too.

Dr Sue Morter has worked with individuals and groups around the globe imparting wisdom on natural health care and the power of consciousness to transform life.  Her Energy Codes coursework is based on Energy Medicine, Quantum Theory and a deep study of consciousness in eastern principles.  A life changing experience with ancient meditation practices inspired her to devote her life to sharing the freedom available to all.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a regular presenter at Celebrate Your Life.

We miss him greatly and honor his life by keeping his messages alive in our hearts.

As our gift to you receive 3 audio workshops featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer from his many appearances at CYL. By confirming below, you will receive your gift and will be subscribed to our community newsletter with all our fabulous event updates, free audios  and be a part of our CYL Soul Tribe!

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