Heather McCloskey Beck 

WALK IN STRONG: Healing the Heart, Liberating the Soul

Never before has it been more important for us, as women, to walk into our Strength, into our Power, into our Personal Presence.  Individually, we need to bring deep healing into our lives, and then collectively, share that healing out into our ailing world. We must dynamically learn to Walk In Strong for we are the

way-showers of Love, Compassion and Peace. But first, we must learn to heal our own hearts and liberate our own souls. By learning to become The Boss of your own life, you will learn to walk with confidence, courage and commitment.

Join Heather on this epic journey into personal freedom and wholeness, as we collectively honor the magnificence of the Feminine as The Pathway to Healing Our World.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Heal your Heart, Liberate your Soul – Ending Resistance, Mediocrity, Domination & Control
  • Be The Boss of Your Own Life: No One Gets to Live Your Life but You
  • Create Clear Boundaries: Skillfully Direct and Navigate Your Own Life
  • Recognize Micro-Aggression and other Harmful Behaviors; Learn the skills that disallow these destructive patterns to enter your life
  • Clear Out the Clutter: In Your Mind, In Your Relationships, In Your Home
  • Focus on One Thing at a Time – Ending the Stress of Multi-tasking and Micro-Managing
  • Take Care of Yourself – Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First
  • Do Something that You Love to Do – Every Day
  • Share these Practices, Tools and Skills Out into Your World

Nancy Hala

Tell Your BrandStoryTM

The stories we tell ourselves are what make our dreams come true. Are you telling the most expansive story of your own personal brand? Let’s find out. 

90-minute interactive workshop

Participants will workshop their personal brand and learn to articulate their BrandStory. The workshop will help participants identify their brand’s:

  • Characteristics. Which key words best define your brand?
  • Differentiators. What makes you different from others in your space?
  • Audience. Who are you trying to reach and influence?
  • Goals. What’s the highest mountain your brand can climb?
  • Challenges. Any obstacles to overcome to reach your goals?

Colette Baron Reid

Women Who Feel Too Muchstrategies for sensitive women around managing empathy overload in uncertain times..

Are you a woman who is highly sensitive? Do you feel the world around you, sense the emotional temperature of a room, or even hyper-tune into world events? Do you sometimes suffer from exhaustion from it all? Could you notice that when in stressful situations or relationships you can gain weight even if you don’t change your eating?

You just might be one of the amazing highly sensitive intuitive women who make up 25% of the population (according to scientific studies) who need help managing the new normal of uncertainty.

Join Colette Baron- Reid internationally renown intuition expert, #1 best selling author of the Map in this interactive workshop where you will learn proven techniques and strategies to boost your energy, manage your empathy, so you can live an empowered joy filled life!

Woman Rise Uphow to live a new story for your future without the burden of the past

What defines you as a woman? What story do you tell yourself and others about who you are? When you consider the past how has it impacted your choices? How do you express your worthiness, and your power? Do you want to be free to co-create a life beyond the limitations of your self- definition, cultural bias, and ancestral patterns?

We are all memory- based creatures defining ourselves as we experience life, carrying not just our burdens but that of our mothers and their mothers too. Woman to woman we pass our stories down the line shaping who we are and who we become. Yet, we can transform! There is a way out of the shadows, honoring those burdens, speaking to the unspeakable, loving the unlovable and re-claiming our innate power. We are the ones we are waiting for. Woman Rise up- a new future is calling!

Colette Baron-Reid leads this powerful workshop and speaks from experience that any story can be re-written, and anything can be overcome. Molested as a child, Colette was 19 when she was the victim of gang-rape, then when she was 27 she bottomed out from drug addiction and alcoholism as a result of seeing herself in the never ending story of being a victim. Refusing to continue this legacy, Colette has spent 30 years in service to a new vision for herself and other women. Reclaiming her dignity, victim no more, Colette is a bestselling author published in 27 languages, an intuition expert and powerful motivational speaker. She has appeared on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, W magazine, Elle, Fox, The Today Show and more.

Dr. Prudence Hall

Girl talk

  • Secrets of staying radiant again and forever
  • An easy quiz taken before the talk will help you identify which of your hormones are declining. I’ll tell you how to fix them.
  • Why bioidentical hormones are a girl’s best friend; much more than diamonds.
  • Kick depression, weight gain, sleeplessness and exhaustion out of your life Fascinating stories from my clients
  • Learn the best and easiest way to stop dementia, heart attacks and diabetes in their tracks
  • Why 50% of people are walking around with low thyroid, and doctors refuse to treat it
  • The best stress buster I’ve ever encountered
  1. How to keep your breasts beautiful and healthy your whole life
  • Why do we care? And we do! Facts and stats about our breasts
  • Stop breast cancer now; 6 ways to immediately plummet your chance of getting breast cancer
  • How to detect breast cancer early and live longer than a woman who has never had breast cancer.
  • Innovations in breast cancer diagnosis
  • Why I am not crazy about MRI’s for diagnosis
  1. Women’s sexuality; women’s wisdom

In this final segment, I will discuss the potential for emotional growth in menopause and describe clients who have become full of life and joy through the process of waking up to their greater potential. I will also discuss women’s sexuality and how to maintain a vibrant and exciting libido, and why lovemaking is better in menopause than ever before.

  • More and better orgasms—oxytocin, dream cream, estrogen, testosterone and DHEA
  • Stories of women finding unusual ways to express love
  • A newfound sense of our self
  • Identify and live your life purpose.
  • Women are the light of the world
  • Wild hearted wisdom

Denise Linn

Secrets and Mysteries: Awakening the Goddess Within

There is a magical and mysterious place within every woman. It’s a place where the past embraces the future, ancient womanly wisdom dwells, old Goddess legends can be found and new legacies created. It is a sacred realm that can nurture your soul with compassion . . . and make you whole. When you discover this place you truly know the glory and pleasure of being a woman.  Join Denise as she leads you on inner journeys where you reach into the crevices of your soul to awaken your Inner Goddess . . . who is beautiful, outrageous and remarkable. Tap into your inner oracle and embark on a past life regression to experience the realm and majesty of the sacred feminine spirit.

Sheri Salata

The Mighty DreamQuest: Re-visioning Your Life to Make the Rest of Your Dreams Come True!

For over 20 years Sheri Salata had a dream come true career as Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, President of Harpo Studios and OWN network but now she producing her most ambitious production ever– building a wide and deep dream come true LIFE. In this revelatory talk, Sheri shares her drastic commitment to a year of radical self care and personal transformation including her struggles and triumphs along the way. From health and wellness to spirituality and happiness to first time motherhood and romance and relationships no stone is left unturned on this mighty DreamQuest. Find out why it is never too late to make the rest of your dreams come true.

  • Get re-charged to reimagine what is possible in your life.
  • Begin to identify your outlier dreams that you thought were out of reach.
  • Learn how to strategize your own DreamQuest.
  • Find out how your DreamQuest contributes to the quantum betterment of the world.

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Loving Yourself . . . Through it All!

You just need to love yourself … you hear that all the time. But what does it really mean and what does that look like? And more importantly, how do you accomplish loving yourself? Does loving yourself mean you become selfish? Does it mean you will pursue your own goals at all costs? Do you feel ecstatic when you love yourself? Does it mean you will feel like superwoman? How do you ever really know if you are truly loving you?

Join Sunny Dawn Johnston, internationally renowned self-love activist and her soul musician Kris Voelker as they take you on a journey to help you understand and experience what loving yourself means … and most importantly, what it FEELS like. It is unlike any other feeling in the world … absolute unconditional love of self.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to feel the love within you and express that love
  2. How to live in the present moment
  3. What it means to embrace yourself and stop comparing
  4. How to understand and accept that you are NOT your weight, your bank account, your career, etc.
  5. How to appreciate yourself
  6. How to see the path of unconditional love even when you have to reach for it
  7. Ways to put an end to or minimize self-hatred talk
  8. How to activate the absolute LOVE that is within you … screaming to be let out and expressed.

This workshop will change your life and the way you feel about yourself … on all levels … physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (Mind, Body & Soul). The greatest thing about loving yourself is that once you learn to love yourself, you allow the love of others into your heart as well.

Maysoon Zayid

Survival of the Unfittest

This fun-filled interactive workshop kicks off with some comic relief. In the oppression Olympics, Maysoon Zayid would win a gold medal. She is Palestinian, Muslim, a woman of color, disabled, and from New Jersey. She also had the most viewed TED Talk of 2014 and has travelled the world doing sit-down standup comedy. Maysoon will share her five funny rules for living a happier life. The comedy will be followed by a Q&A where participants can ask Maysoon anything and she will give them advice they do not want to hear. Participants will also be asked a series of questions that will help kick start their dreams.

In this workshop you will learn to:

-Laugh amidst the severest of woe

-Yes you cancan: never say can’t until you try

-Accepting when you can’t and being okay with that 

-Dreaming big and if your dream turns into a nightmare, how to find another dream

-Don’t be me, be the best you that you can be

-Don’t hang out with mean people and more importantly, don’t be mean people

-Equality for all is not just a dream


Anita Moorjani

Selfessness is not a virtue – Self Love is a virtue!

Born of Indian parents, Anita grew up in a culture with tremendous gender disparities, where women were revered for their ability to be selfless and self-sacrificing. Thus, she was discouraged from setting her sights on higher education, or even dreaming of having a career. Cultural values dictated that this would make her less attractive for marriage – her assigned gender role. In fact, the more “invisible” a woman made herself, the more valuable they were to society at large. It was not until she almost died from cancer did she truly realize her own self-worth.

In her speech, she will not only share excerpts from her remarkable life story, including the experience of running away from an arranged marriage in a patriarchal society, causing her to become ostracized from her community, she will also address the following topics:

  • The virtue of self-love, instead of self-sacrifice (and how that lesson healed her from cancer);
  • Sensitive is the new strong: Embracing our natural tendencies instead of judging them as weaknesses;
  • Defining power on our own terms (instead of adapting to outdated masculine definitions);
  • Making friends with our ego, and being fearless about taking on leadership roles;
  • A 21st century definition of “feminism” that is inclusive of men;
  • The importance of strong, feminine role models in our current political climate.




Dr. Kathleen Fry

There’s A Remedy for That: Using Homeopathy for Women


Discover how to safely and effectively treat yourself for PMS, menstrual cramps, low sex drive, menopausal hot flashes and many other female related issues.

Dr. Fry will share her expertise as an Ob/Gyn and a professional homeopathic physician to help you understand how to use simple, inexpensive remedies available in most health food stores for these and other common “female” troubles. 


Laurie Adams

Power of Sisterhood: Be a Force for Change

Be the change you want to see in another woman’s life. Laurie Adams, president of Women for Women International, wants you to get up, be active, and change a life. She wants you to change the life of a woman in a war-torn country and you have the power to do so.

At Women for Women International, we believe strong women build strong nations. For almost 25 years, we have been on the front lines of change, connecting and helping more than 447,000 women find their strength again after war and conflict. We are proud of Women for Women International’s commitment to creating networks of connectivity as it has given us the opportunity to think about our decades long tradition of fostering sisterhood beyond borders. We are committed to fostering a global culture of women’s empowerment where the safety, security and well-being of women around the world is protected.

In this workshop, Laurie will use her more than 25 years of experience as a gender rights advocate to:

  • Demonstrate the power of connectivity that Women for Women International has brought to her own life
  • Tell stories of the women in our program and their resiliency in the face of horrific circumstances
  • Put the power to transform the life of a sister in your hands

Jamia Wilson

Leadership Development: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Are you looking to get your message out into the world or would you like to play a bigger role in an area you are passionate about? During this workshop Jamia will teach you how to claim your voice and let it be heard in the world. You will better understand why taking action can be one of your most empowering tools.

You will discover how to:

–          Sharpen your message

–          Gain the power and confidence to get your message out the world

–          Use the new media as your megaphone

–          Leverage the new media to build your voice

–          Own your area of expertise






Alicia Garza

Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Black Lives Matter in the age of Trump

Join Alicia for a compelling conversation about what’s at stake for women and BLM under a Trump administration and in a political context where the rights of women are at stake. She will discuss concrete ways to get involved and fight back.

You will Discover:
– What’s at stake for women in our current times
– How women’s rights are being eroded
– Definitive ways in which your voice can make a difference
– How to get involved and take a stand





Vice Mayors Gallego, Areddondo-Savage & Littlefield

Panel Discussion: Getting Involved in Your Local Community and Government

Are you ready to take your passion for change in the world to the next level?  This is a rare opportunity to experience three women who had the courage to stand up for their beliefs and convictions and take a prominent role in their City Government. Hear from these three Vice Mayor’s who got involved and how it has impacted their life and the community around them.

During this panel discussion, with these three powerful elected officials, you will have the opportunity to hear first hand:

  • What inspired them to get involved in their City’s Government
  • How they went about running for office
  • Secrets of running an effective campaign
  • What they needed to know before running for office
  • What issues in their city do they feel most strongly about
  • How getting involved has effected their personal lives
  • What kinds of positive change have they seen since taking office
  • Do they experience any kind of discrimination in being a women on the Council

There will also be plenty of time for questions and answers. 


Dr. Wayne Dyer was a regular presenter at Celebrate Your Life.

We miss him greatly and honor his life by keeping his messages alive in our hearts.

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