An Epic Spiritual Adventure of a Lifetime  

Pricing and  Registration

Thursday, November 2nd – Sunday, November 5th
PLUS extend your experience with a Post Retreat Workshop on Monday, November 6th

Up Close and Personal Experiences with Your Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Denise Linn
Past Life Journey’s 

John Holland
Spirit World Communication

Sonia Choquette
Ignite Your Spirit

Michael Beckwith
Life Visioning

Neale Donald Walsch
Converse with God

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Conscious Evolution

Sacred Ceremony

Courtney Long
Searching for Faeries

Dr. Sue Morter
Energy Medicine

Sunny Dawn Johnston
Angel Communication

Barry Goldstein
Music from the Heart

Larry Contier
Crystal Healing


As you begin your journey, Medicine Man Uqualla and Denise Linn will guide you through a Sacred Ceremony to align your energy with the vortex.


Workshop sessions designed specifically for this Retreat that will propel you into a place of great change and realization

Make New Friends

Dance in the Light of Your Soul

Connect with the Vortex Energy

 Take this beautiful opportunity to connect
with the quietness of your soul
surrounded by a supportive loving community 

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a regular presenter at Celebrate Your Life.

We miss him greatly and honor his life by keeping his messages alive in our hearts.

As our gift to you receive 3 audio workshops featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer from his many appearances at CYL and be a part of our CYL Soul Tribe! 

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